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Casey, 22, Chicago.

Alex Wild


Cory Branan
Prettiest Watiress In Memphis
12 Songs

Ordered the pecan pie and in the wink of eye ,
Got a slice as big as my head.
And her name and her number on a sweet-n-low package,
It’s the best porn that I’ve ever read.

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the house smelled musty and damp… by Laura-Elizabete


This story used to creepy me out so much as a kid. I thought it had the creepiest twist ending.
You can listen to the book HERE

When I was in elementary school a teacher read this story out loud to us and there was a room-wide gasp at the ending. I shrieked slightly (I was a nervous child).


Last night Frank Turner decided to play a secret pop-up show at GMan Tavern. Here’s a photo recap of what turned out to be an unforgettable night:

Photo 1 - KyleGarchar via Instagram
Photo 2 - Punktastic via Instagram
Photo 3 - KelseyWurtz via Instagram
Photo 4 - RobertLoerzel via Twitter
Photo 5 - RobertLoerzel via Twitter
Photo 6 -  KatieDePaolo via Instagram

So this happened. No words.




science tumblr why the hoobly boobly

tectonic plates

thank You

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Ibi Rothe
instagram: @ibirothe

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